The Great Harbor of Antalya and Setur Marina


Yelkenli Tekne ile Antalya.Antalya harbour has a large port located 10km away from the city centre. The harbour provides services to the yacht and Setur marinas, as well as being used for commercial and military use. The harbour is located next to the military dock towards the northeast. The entrance is beautifully determined by lanterns at both ends of the spindle.

Adaport Location

In the free zone next to Setur Marina, there is a docking station belonging to the Adaport company. It has a capacity of 200 yachts on the land, there is a lift, and also facilities for towing large yachts. Workshops in the vestibule area and the free zone operates exclusively to serve foreign yachts by taking advantage of its privileged status.


Kaleiçi Harbour

The smaller harbour, which has been used as the harbour of the ancient city of Attelia for more than 2000 years, is in the very center of Antalya. It has the ability to accommodate small and medium size yachts temporarily, but large yachts do not fit. Operated by the municipality, the south-facing entrance is protected by short breaks from both sides, both of which have lanterns on the ends. Since it is in the center of the city, it has a very advantageous position in terms of visiting the city, but it is not possible to stay long. The entrance is difficult to notice because of the dense city buildings and lights behind it. The historic Yivli Minaret, which is the symbol of Antalya, is located at the back of the port and is a good landmark. The entrance has a gomina submerged to the west, on the conical buoy is available. In severe weather from the south, the seas can break and the entrance may be difficult. Antalya is a big and modern city and one of the most important tourism centres in Turkey. Fortunately, the area of ​​the Kaleiçi and the small harbour was preserved in an authentic form and was freed from this demand. There are many historical and touristic places around Antalya, the airport is 5 km away.

Antalya’s climate is humid which can be overwhelming in summer.

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