Sailing a Blue Cruise should be relaxing and fun. A Blue cruise intensifies tranquillity because you can sail from bay to bay, you can determine your own route and anchor where you feel comfortable and satisfied. 

 Albatros Yachting offers many different options to make a Blue Cruise sailing holiday in Turkey perfect for you and your family. Each package can be designed to suit your budget and personal preferences. We can provide equipment for snorkelling, diving, fishing and water toys. Renting a boat with a crew will be of advantage, you can relax and enjoy time with your family while our crew does the rest. Enjoy the peace of the turquoise waters, be wined and dined under the stars and see picturesque scenes. 

How can your Blue Cruise be planned with your children taken into consideration?

Like any holiday with children, it is important to decide what you want before booking. The environment must be child-friendly and safe. We will work alongside you to make sure you are satisfied with the gulet of your choice. Our crew can assist you in water sports and advise you on child suitable swimming areas. Consequently, you will be able to relax on your holiday and not worry about the safety and happiness of your children, and yourselves of course!

Blue Cruise with Children

-We have not forgotten families with children when planning our Blue Cruise yacht charter in Turkey. With the increasing security systems on the boats in recent years, children can experience the Blue Cruise tours with the child-friendly boats of Albatros Yachting.

-For children, this experience is a wonderful gift to experience the sea with their family. Perhaps after seeing these beauties, your child will have a deep environmental awareness, and future generations will know the value of nature.

 Children’s psychology is formed through not only nurture but nature too. Research shows that children are affected more by experience than anything else, allow your children to experience culture, nature and family value on a Blue Cruise.

Children in this generation tend to be obsessed with technology such as tablets and mobile telephones, teach your children the beauty of nature.

Sailing is a popular hobby, along with other onboard activities such as fishing and snorkelling, maybe your children make this a lifelong hobby.


As a result, you can make a blue tour with your children without fear and hesitation, you can give them an unforgettable adventure. Albatros Yachting is happy to welcome you and your family sailing in Turkey.






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