We know that many of the popular Greek islands are now being visited by many Turkish tourists. In the meantime, it started to become popular in the remote islands that can be visited with Turkish boats and boat tours. These islands, with brief information below, are welcoming tourists from all over the world with its clean sea, architecture and nature.

Whether you want to hire a sailboat, you can explore these distant Greek Names by yourself, or you can sit in a tavern and eat your fish and make discoveries in secret islands of the islands.


Santorini was formed in 17th century BC by a huge volcanic explosion. It is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. Santorini is comprised of 5 islands with the main island being called Santorini (Thira), the two Kameni islands are at the centre and Thirasia and Aspronisi on the periphery. Sightseeing is a favoured option in Santorini. Examine the traditional Cycladic architecture in Oia and Fira, explore the dramatic rocky landscape and wonder at the important ancient site Minoan Akrotiri that was covered entirely in volcanic ash when the volcano erupted. The ancient site of Thera has breathtaking views from the hill above Perissa.



Greek ıslands Tours : Patmos

Patmos is a popular destination with many religious festivals and feasts. Patmos was the inspiration for St John to write the Book of the Apocalypse and is also known as the ’Island of the Apocalypse’. The so-called ’cave of the Apocalypse’ where the book was written is one of the island’s main attractions. Above the village of Chora, the capital of the island is a large monastery dedicated to St John. Many pilgrims still visit the island to see these religious monuments. Wander around the narrow alleyways in Chora or relax on one of the amazing beaches.





Located in the centre of the Cyclades islands group, Mykonos is famous for its nightlife and cosmopolitan atmosphere. During your stroll around Mykonos town, the main things to see are Little Venice quarter, the church of Paraportiani, the windmills, the Maritime and Cycladic museums and the designer shops. 



Paros is perfect for island hopping with its close proximity to the famous islands of  Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos. Paros is one of the most popular of the Cyclades islands offering something for everyone, combining modern and traditional elements in a unique way. Places of interest to visit include the Byzantine Monastery of Ekatontapyliani (meaning - the church with the hundred doors), Monastery of Logovarda and many other monasteries. Kolymbithres, Santa Maris, Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are the most popular beaches and swimming spots on the island. Due to the wind conditions, Paros is ideal for watersports. Have a day away from the beach and explore the charming villages of Parikia, Lefkes and Naoussa. 



Hydra is a popular Greek island and one of the most cosmopolitan. As it is only 2 hours away from Athens by ferry it is the ideal option for a quick getaway. Hydra is unique in that you will not see any cars, transport around the island is by foot, boat or donkey! In the spring and autumn hiking is popular along the many walking paths that lead to historical monasteries and locations with amazing sea views.


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