Kos Yacht Charter

The best kept secret in the Aegean sea...


This beautiful Greek Island set in shallow bay waters offers an exotic charm, history and scents of the middle east. It is often described as one of the hottest yachting holiday destinations as it caters for the tastes and needs of a range of holidaymakers. Its location sits at the mouth of the Turkish gulf of Kerme, many years ago it was detached from the Bodrum Peninsula by the collapse of the rift valley. Kos TownKefalosTingakiAntimachiaMastihariMarmari and Pyli are the main villages on Kos. The smaller villages are ZiaPlataniLagoudi and Asfendiou.

Kos Yacht CharterThis beautiful holiday hotspot is home to limestone hills which tower 846m high and run along the length of the island. Kos is one of the largest Greek Islands after Rhodes and unlike its Mediterranean counterparts it has an increasing population. The shores of the island house the crystal clear waters of Aegean. Its coastline stretches 112 km long and is scattered with bountiful beaches.

Most people who live on this gorgeous Greece yachting paradise are farmers who produce crops such as grapes, almonds, figs, olives, tomatoes, wheat and corn. Once on the island, there is plenty to do and see at this top Greek yacht charter destination. The marina is set in the old harbour and is famous worldwide with skippers and yachting gurus from across the globe. Shopping on the islands is a great way to pass the time. You will be greeted by supermarkets in the marina and other places to shop can be found on the island too. Food enthusiasts will also welcome the range of restaurants on the island. The eateries are set in perfectly lit settings with gorgeous backdrops which are great for romantic sunset dinners. You can choose fine dining or find cheap, but great food if you’re on a budget.

And as the evenings draw in you may want to sample a local beverage (or two). Local beer is sold at most restaurants. A well-known brand of beer is Amstel (which is produced in Greece). Other local drinks are Ouzo (similar to Sambuca) and it is very strong in its alcohol content. This drink is often served with snacks and a glass of water.

Partygoers can head for the infamous bar street which runs close to the port of Nafklirou. By day this area is calm and tranquil, but as the night draws in the revellers descend and party into the small hours. Our trips to Kos are part of a Greece yacht charter holidays that offer a unique holiday experience on the sea.

You can choose to tailor make your Greece yacht charter or book a pre-planned cruise that takes you on an unforgettable journey that will leave you wanting to come back year upon year. Book your Greece yacht charter and visit Kos soon, you can make reservations by calling the Albatros Yachting team in Turkey.


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