Gulet life is one of the most curious topics for those who want to make a blue voyage. Gulets and yachts, used for blue cruises, have been built to resemble a luxury hotel. In recent years, they now offer the most advanced comfort and safety standards in the world. However, there are some rules that passengers must comply with.

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First of all boat life is one of the natural places you can experience the pleasure of holidaying together. Meals are eaten together, drinks are drunk together and most important groups can smile together. Most of the time families who meet one another on a Blue Cruise will become and remain close friends. Life on board is famous for its entertainment and freedom as well as the destinations explored. 

Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Göcek,  are amongst the most famous holiday cities in Turkey, as they are popularly known for their nightlife. So, after enjoying the sea and the discovery of the day, you can enjoy the stars and wind in the quiet and calm night, you can indulge in the unlimited freedom of nightlife.

On board, your Blue Cruise, the most important thing you are responsible for is your personal goods. Bare in mind that the cabins are spacious, however, do not bring too many items, as cabins are based on 2 sharing for a short stay. Our cruises supply and provide all other services, so packing light is the best option; Personal items and necessities are all you will need. Although the daytime tends to be hot on board, do not forget evenings can be substantially colder, pack a jacket along with warm trousers and a jumper. Bigger gulets and yachts will have a washing machine, check this out when booking. Wearing a sun hat is safe and smart; however, with fast winds when sailing a hat that you can attach to your self is recommended (you are responsible for your personal items). Finally, on deck, bring suitable non-slip shoes or sandals, this will protect your feet from the heat of the deck and any dirt or water.

Your voyage will have all the technology needed to stay in touch with family and friends back home, charging points for phones, camera and wifi. However, it is important to understand certain weather conditions can affect electric circuits and internet connection. Boats tend to use 220V/12V electric, so bringing an in-car phone charger is preferred for phones and cameras.


Necessities will include personal medicines as well as day to day first aid, such as insect repellent, travel sickness tablets, sun cream and after sun. All Gulets will have a first aid box, however, you are responsible for the protection of your own bodies against the suns rays and insects/mosquitos. Let the crew know in advance of any allergies; there will be a trained first aider on board with any crew. Tips to prevent getting ill at sea include, eating regularly, minimise time spent in the sun and wind, do not sit in wet clothes and drink lots of water!

As up to date as a gulet can be, there are still safety procedures to follow and understand. Guest and crew safety is the most important thing to Albatros Yachting. Passengers are asked to notify or warn the crew of any potential dangers they become aware of, this way the danger can be prevented or controlled. If you are travelling without a crew it is crucial you notify officers through the telephone connection provided on board (direct and automatic to the coast guard).

Life on board is pure bliss. It is the perfect atmosphere for friends and family to come together, and share their love and experiences of the sea. Clean towels, linen, deck chairs and soft comfortable sun loungers are supplied on board. Any problems or shortages of stock must be reported to the crew, they can then be replaced immediately. 

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- The Blue Voyage is powered by electricity generators outside the harbour. It is limited to avoid noise and water pollution. Do not forget to turn off the lights and the air conditioner when you leave.

- Do not smoke in cabins - this is for your own safety

- On Boat Trips, the Captain can change planned routes according to weather, or other problems.

- One of the biggest problems on the boat is the use of toilets. Do not throw anything in the toilet, including toilet paper, every cabin will have a waste bin. Waste bins will be emptied every morning on those cruises with a crew.

- If you are chartering a yacht without a captain and crew you should not leave the boat for a long time. You are your own captain, therefore, you are responsible for the boat.

- Do not go into the sea without stopping the engines when parked in any bay.

- Boat personnel must use shoes on deck.

- Wet floors on deck must be controlled; the danger of slipping is high.

- Check for any hatches on the deck left open.

- You are responsible for your personal items on board, this includes when leaving the tour. Remember all your personal items.

- Any valuable items can be stored safely with the captain; this means the responsibility for your precious goods is with the captain.


All crew members should be treated with respect and dignity. Your crew will be what makes your cruise unforgettable. They are equally as important as the Gulet you chose for your dream getaway. At Albatros, we select and train all crew carefully. Before the season the crew will be trained in safety procedures, boat mechanisms, and routes. Our specially selected team members will be friendly and helpful, as well as providing safety giving you a smooth and relaxing Blue Cruise.



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