Finike, a perfect blend of history, nature and sea, is a tourism spot in Antalya Province. The district draws attention to the ruins of Limyra and Arykanda ancient cities. It is also famous for its oranges.


Kiralık Yelkenli tekne ile Finike rotasıFinike is located 30 miles east of Kas and 45 miles SW of Kemer on a fertile plain between the coast and mountains behind. Finike is famous for the oranges that grow there. Finike is still an important area for agriculture and many greenhouses can be seen where the fresh vegetables and flowers are growing.

Finike is an industrial town but is well kept and tidy, there are some lovely parks and a palm-fringed promenade extending along the beach to the east of the marina. Antalya airport is 110 km.

The port was originally built for commercial purposes has now been transferred to the private sector and is used as a marina. The marina has helped open the town to tourism and become a proper touristic city; many foreign yachts are kept here in the winter, due to the softness of the climate and the geographical location. The marina has a capacity of 350 berths in the sea and approx 150 berths on land.

Visit Finike while sailing in Turkey.





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