Yacht Maintenance and Repair


Generally, any necessary maintenance and repair works are carried out before the start of the season. In the long term, this will prolong the life of the boat’s equipment and keep the boat economical to run. Annual maintenance and repair include the machinery, generators, water pumps, mechanical parts, air conditioners, carpentry works, painting works and electronic devices.

In practice, the boats are bought on land every two years for necessary inspections and for any maintenance and repairs to be carried out to the underwater sections of the boat. We use knowledgeable and experienced staff for the maintenance and repairs to our boats.


Yacht and Boat Wood Works (Carpentry)

Traditional gulets are mainly built from wood and therefore specialist materials and craftsmanship are required for maintenance and repair works.


Maintenance of Machinery and Auxiliary Components:

Periodic maintenance and repairs to the boat engines, generators, heating and cooling elements, numerous lighting circuits and at least one mainframe must be carried out in a timely manner to try and avoid any breakdowns during the summer season. 


Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Circuits:

All electrical and electronic circuits are subject to wear and tear.  Albatros Yachting will do everything possible to prevent malfunctions, necessary maintenance and repairs are carried out by qualifies technicians.




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